“Mentioned to be similar to Valkyr in her theme of “gore”, though where Valkyr is basic, unbridled rage, Garuda personifies a cold, detached, and calculated version of slaughter instead.”


I am not sure what I, originally thought, this was going to be the easy part of Garuda’s build… All the puzzles in the world could not have prepared me for this Frankenstein of a creation.  i am trying my damnedest to not get to discouraged as I try new techniques to get the suit to lay exactly as I envisioned.

**Feel free to send positive vibes our way.  The Gore Queen is definitely giving us a run for our Endo!**

Project Info:
Character: Garuda
Franchise: Warframe (Digital Extremes)
Genre: [PC] Video Game

Materials List:
Fabric(s): Muslin

Thread: Gutermann (Red) Col. #410 / 100% Polyester

Sewing Machine:
Bernette/Bernina – Chicago 7

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