I feel like the picture describes how I feel right now.  I have a seamstresses worst fear happen.  My serger broke down, and I have to face the facts…

Its time to purchase a new machine.  

It is bitter sweet.  In one hand, I was so comfortable with my old Simplicity Serger.  There were characteristics I grew to find charming; anyone else would have gone mad having to accommodate.  We serged my entire wedding dress!! Talk about a machine’s commitment to the project at hand.  Not once did I hear any wining or complaining.

With this hiccup, we will be pausing on Maghda.  My serger broke down right in the middle of sealing up tulle ends.  Until I replace my hand-me-down, I do not want to continue (nor do I know how).  After all, if it’s not going to be done correctly, why do it at all!

I love my Bernette Chicago 7, I wonder what Bernina/Bernette has for sergers/overlock.  I have yet to experience any issues with their products.  Fingers are crossed like a soft pretzel that I am able to find something within our price range.  Afterall, I still want to be able to have some money left over for fabric!!

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