As I continue to make head way with Garuda. Here are some of the progress pictures from building her bodysuit. It is 3+ layers thick in some sections. I wanted to mimic her actual organic-texture into the base of this cosplay.

I know this is what you have been waiting for. Garuda’s bodysuit reveal! 🖤 As I’m pushing through the “armor” layer of this cosplay; here is my finished suit. 
I am super proud of how this two month puzzle came together. What started as thin pieces of fabric – really came together. 
Zoom-in… I even nail her hip swirls; just like in game!! Ahhhhhhh

Here is a close up look at some of the finished details. It was my goal to get it as close to in-game, using fabrics, as humanly possible. Check out our stories for an armor update!

Frame: Garuda
Franchise: @playwarframe(@digital_extremescorporation)
Genre: [PC] Video Game
Fabric: Solid Knit (Maroon/Putple) & Performance Knit (Black) @joann_stores Sew-in Foam – Pellen
Thread: #440 & #941@gutermann_of_america
Machine: Bernette Funlock 44b + Bernette Chicago 7 @berninausa
**More Garuda progress can be viewed on my Blog:

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