Calling all Cosplayers! The Craftsman Competition is taking late entries! Sign-up will be held in Cosplay Ops/Repair Room for those interested. You have until Sunday at 3:00pm to enter. If you didn’t make your cosplay, don’t fret! Join the Cosplay Fashion Show for Saturday afternoon. All Cosplay are welcome. Head down to Cosplay Ops/Repair and a Cosplay staff member will assist you. This is a great chance for you to show off your amazing cosplay and have your picture taken by many!
The Cosplay Staff would like to welcome our guest Judge, Ashlee from Disfusional Studios. Ashlee will also be Emceeing the Fashion Show. Don’t miss it!
“Hailing from Southeast Michigan, Disfusional Studios’ lead designer and fabricator, Ashlee Kalthoff, has been creating and showing her artwork since 2005. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design (with concentration studies in welding and painting), Ashlee has applied her traditional artistic background to costume and prop designing. Through artistic collaborations Disfusional Studios has been able to bring their creations out of the studio, and into the abandoned heart of the Motor City.
Since 2012, under the direction of Kalthoff, Disfusional Studios has won many cosplay ‘Best in Show’, and craftsmanship titles around the Great Lakes region. Her attention to detail and advanced sewing and fabrication techniques have allowed her creations to stand in the spotlight again and again. To further her commitment to the craft and culture she shares build guides, fabrication techniques, tutorials, and general advice and information to whomever asks. As a former educator, Kalthoff imparts wisdom on anyone who shows interest in her creations.”

Disfusional Studios own, Ashlee Kalthoff, will be judging JAFAX’s 2019 Cosplay competition. We look forward to returning to Grand Rapids for yet another weekend of anime festivities.

If you are interested in checking out JAFAX, here is the info:
Form Here:

Here is our JAFAX line-up:
Friday: Black Bulls-ALT (Black Clover) *possibly Yami*
Saturday: Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC)
Sunday: Kero Kigu (Cardcaptors Sakura)

Feel free to come up and say Hi, ask for a photo, etc. We are excited to meet up with new and old friends! When I am not judging, I’ll be roaming around the convention center!! We will make sure to mention where we will be located on Instagram, incase anyone wants come stop by!!

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