The design process is underway.  There were pieces of both the in-game model, as well as the original concept art, I wanted to incorporate. Whenever I saw Maghda in Diablo 3, I imagined there being swarms of Moth’s everywhere.  That is why I plan on attaching more moths to this dress then I will be able to count.  As of right now, I already have over 100+ accounted for!!

Once I have all my plans laid out, for the most part; it is time to start shopping.  I an notorious for stacking coupons, watching weekly sale ads, and making sure I can save as much as possible.  There have been some months where I visited Joann Fabrics weekly (a perk to living in the city).

Project Info:
Character: Maghda
Franchise: Diablo 3 (Blizzard Entertainment)
Genre: Video Game

Choice of material(s): Graphite and (off white) Sketch Paper!

Above is just some of the various materials/fabrics that I will be using to bring Maghda to life.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect purple fabric.  I am a snob in regards to weight and texture!  After all, if I am going to portray a coven leader… I need to look the part! 

I’m still tracking down a few deals and needed fabrics from Joann.  Besides that, everything is well underway!

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