When I was originally thinking of things I could do to amp-up Maghda’s details; I thought of her swarm of moths.  I not only wanted the moths to be her own personal army, but also help add to the volume of her dress base.  We do not need a whole lot of volume, just enough to help separate/define each layer.

Folding paper has always been something I have taken a strong interest in.  I can remember back to elementary (grade school) years. I still have the Chinese coin presented to each student as we were show how to make our own ‘good luck’ cranes. Which a little research, and assistance from Ralph Matthew’s blog, I had a good idea of to go about my own moth-babies.Paragraph

Above, you can view the steps it took to create hundreds of moths to be hidden within the skirt layers of Maghda. I have enjoyed tackling this time consuming task; and look forward to many more in the month ahead. 

Project Info:
Character: Maghda
Franchise: Diablo 3 (Blizzard Entertainment)
Genre: Video Game

Before Jumping straight to fabric, I had to first figure out what type of Origami-Moth I desired for this project.  Things to consider; I will be making hundreds of them! Also, these will be made of two-ply fabric, not paper.  Too many folds will not resinate with the end shape. 

After finally figuring out fabric/paper size and fold registrations; time to start forming my MOTH-ARMY!

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