I am excited, and anxious to announce my next big build.  This year, we will be attending Tenno Con this year!! (
For those not familiar with Tenno Con, it is a convention centered around the Free to Play video game, Warframe!  Our household plays the game on PC, however you can create accounts on a variety of consoles too.
We purchased our tickets within 48 hrs, with excitement.  It is a good thing we did; they are SOLD OUT!  Hotel accommodations are booked and we have now in tunnel vision. Just Like with Maghda, we will be posting clean progress material on my Blog (this Tumblr feed). I look forward to sharing this process with everyone!

My @berninausa Bernette Chicago 7 sewing machine has been a my number one studio worker! Besides being digital, it sees through just about ANYTHING I put it up against. Iโ€™m sure muslin is a nice change of pace!
I make most of my pattern drafts/mock-ups in muslin. I find the off white calming visually; especially when you are writing/altering for days at a time! Its inexpensive and holds up against my rough engineering! 

Third timeโ€™s the charm. Never settle!! It took a couple tries; however this altered pattern fits over my boots perfectly. Reminder all these pieces are going to be made from non/minimal stretch fabric! 

Frame: Garuda
Franchise: @playwarframe
Fabric: Muslin @joann_stores
Thread: Red 410 #gutterman 
Marker: @sharpie

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