This is the best thing EVER!!

With out Tenno Con 2019 tickets, we also received their Digital Pack.  The Digital Pack included ingame items/currency!!  This is just another reason I enjoy this game/company.  They are always thinking/looking out for their fellow gamers!!

I am excited, and anxious to announce my next big build.  This year, we will be attending Tenno Con! (

For those not familiar with Tenno Con, it is a convention centered around the Free to Play video game, Warframe!  Our household places the game on PC, however you can create accounts of a variety of consoles – if that’s more your thing.

We purchased our tickets the second day they were released to the public.  It is a good thing we did; they are SOLD OUT!  Hotel accommodations are booked and we have now in tunnel vision. Just Like with Maghda, we will be posting clean progress material on my Blog (this Tumblr feed).  I look forward to sharing this process with everyone!

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