Ursula/Vanessa Build

For Michigan Comic Con this year I wanted to create a cosplay that would allow me to move around freely; as well as get on the floor to check cosplayers hems/seams/etc. I was looking for a cosplay that was mainly sewing and little to know armor. Many friends have poked around the idea of me doing a Disney Princess. (If you know Ashlee as all, you know that is not her cup to tea!)

With a little more research, I could not believe I did not think of this sooner.

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Vanessa = Ursula’s Human form

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We even embroidered the entire perimeter of the dark-navy blue cloak. Using our Bernina/bernette Chicago 7; we embroidered two-different types of seashells in a pattern orientation. It was the little added/extra detail that we needed. We put out DittoForm to work; it made created the perfect fitting garment a breeze!!

PLUS, the seashell necklace lights up too!!!

I can honestly say I did not try this skirt on prior to when I had to wear. One reason was because I used my @dittoform when designing/making it.
Being able to have a dress form, that is the identical replication of my body, has been a big help with quickly putting together my latest cosplays!!
We were able to put together our human Ursula in merely two weeks! It is always nice to have a luggage friendly outfit for travel!