Day 2 – Michigan Comic Con

We had such a wonderful time at Michigan Comic Convention, this past weekend in Detroit. We were humbled to be able to judge the cosplay contest. It is always wonderful to see the creative growth of new and old cosplayers alike!
I was so happy to complete Vanessa in time. We want to show off some of our own skills, for all the contestants. My Ursula cloak perimeter is fully embroidered in seashells.

Saturday at Michigan Comic Convention we debuted out newest cosplay: Vanessa/Ursula Human

We were honored to be apart of this years cosplay contest, at the second Michigan Comic Convention. So many cosplayers came to show off their attention to detail(s). I truly loved talking with each and everyone of you.
The fandom love was strong this year. We saw everything from comics, anime, video games, to original character designs!
Keep creating! Remember you skills and craft will only continue to grow/improve the more you build and/or sew.

I am still looking back at Michigan Comic Convention. It was wonderful seeing the growth from cosplayers who competed in 2018 and again this year (2019). I have been honored to judge some of this years contestants at different conventions scattered over various years. Many of you wowed me with your continuous improvement. Keep pushing yourselves! The details that you put into your cosplays do not go unnoticed!!

“What a lovely little bride I’ll make
My dear I’ll look divine
Things are working out according
To my ultimate design
Soon I’ll have that little mermaid
And the ocean will be mine!”
– The Little Mermaid