Day 3 – Michigan Comic Con

Sunday at Michigan Comic Convention

Mad Moxxi – Borderlands

Twiztid/Astronomicon Booth

The creative souls/friends you make through cosplay and conventions is life changing. Being able to connect with fellow designers is always a delight. I truly wish I had more time to “hang-out” with people. However, my busy schedule makes me cherish the moments like this one.
It was wonderful catching up with @buddyiv4 Our paths crossed back in 2017. Go give this talented designer some love. You was not be disappointed by the costumes taking over his studio!!

Now that I have gotten things put back together in the studio. We have started our to-do list for the next three months. Yup, you read that correctly. We are arranging the end of our 2019 season – hopefully I will have some fun treats and surprise in store you you and the weeks pass.
What you have all been waiting for… Moxxi had fun at Michigan Comic Convention Sunday. We ran into @sketchy.tony. He was creating 5-min cosplay drawings. How cool is that. Slide through for some fun bts pics and finished sketch!!

Again, it the friends you make through shared fandom love. It is always wonderful chatting with @officialtwiztid. We are all pumped for @theastronomicon 3 in February.
As we work on swimsuits for @colossalcon East we are putting together a creepy witch (shhh something super secret) and a concert going Mad Moxxi for Oct 30th at @standrewshall DET.