Disfusional Studios is excited to announce that Ashlee Kalthoff will be at How-to-Halloween October 19th and 20th. We will be stocking our booth with fabricated items and props! We are excited to stretch our wings in a 10’x10′ space!

Be ready to see some items that have been hidden away in the studio for just the right occasion!! Things are about to get spooky!!! (PROP MOVIE HINT: I hope my lucky rats tail is right where I left it!)

If you are interested in checking out How-to-Halloween, here is their info:


***SUNDAY at 12:00PM***
Join us at our booth for some truly haunting face painting fun. We will dive into the basics of facepaint; as one of our models bravely goes underneath the makeup sponge. We will touch base on the different types of face makeup/paint and its different application processes. Watch me take a perfectly normal human being and turn them into a beautiful monstrosity! Feel free to ask questions as we work – stay for the whole process of pop in and out to see the progression.

Here is my Weekend Line-up:
Saturday: Scarecrow
Sunday: Spooky Witch *Scarecrow-Booth Demo*
**We are always looking for line-up suggestions. Have a cosplay you would like to see in person, drop us a message; you never know.**

I hope to see and take pictures with everyone. Feel free to come up and say Hi, ask us any questions you might have, ask for a photo, etc. We are excited to meet up with new and old friends!