Attack of the Ninjas 2019

This was our first “Attack of the Ninjas” concert. Each year Twiztid hosts a concert on Devil’s Night. With a fanny pack full of Astronomicon 3 fliers; I was excited to attend. However, you know me; I could not just arrive in normal street clothes. One could not have predicted my witch hat would provide the perfect coverage from a little freezing rain; as I waited to get into the venue.

Project material(s) List:
Fabric: (Seasonal/Holiday Collection) @joann_stores
Thread: #10 (Black) @gutermann_of_america
Machine(s): @berninausa Bernette Chicago 7 + Bernette Funlock b44

For my birthday; my husband got me a pair of 5 inch, knee high, platform booths. They have steel hardware plates all across the tongue. It was love at first sight. If you know me, you know that I hate spending a lot of money on myself. I must have had these boots on my ‘wish list’ for over a year!

The outfit I put together for Attack of the Ninjas had to be comfy, easy to move in, and be able to compliment my new boots. Necessities, duh! I decided to create a simple wrap/tie circle skirt. The skirt sits at my belly button and holds its shape with some help from a 100% cotton slip. [Pictured Above]. The fabric is from the ‘seasonal’ collection at Joann Fabrics. I did not want to select a fabric that was too cheesy. This apothecary pattern was perfect; I can event wear it out of ‘season’.

After pairing my new apothecary circle skirt with a black cut-out long sleeve bodysuit, and a cropped black zip-up hoodie; It needed a little something extra. Keeping with the festivities of Devil’s Night and Halloween. I grabbed my newly made witch hat.

Besides my waist-bag full of Astronomicon fliers; I went a little further. Great thing about witch hats – you can interchange the band. Just my Luck! I had some scrap space-printed fabric from a previous project. With some scrap worbla freshly melted down; We created a long Astronomicon-themed band!! Doesn’t Andy the Astronaut look adorable! Bonus: The text on the band glows in the dark!

Huge thank you to Twiztid, Majik Ninja Entertainment, and Astronomicon for having me out. Also; thank you to everyone that grabbed a flier in support of a stellar convention coming back for its 3rd year!! Hope to see you in Feb. 2020!!!

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