Ursula’s Poopsies Upgrades

Vanessa, our Human Ursula, took home Best Masters Hall at @youmaconoffical last weekend. We were so busy this season and super happy that Vanessa’s flawless sewing was recognized.
Huge thank you to @theastronomicon for the shout out on their 11/6/19 youtube video; go check it out if you haven’t already! So much love for a convention that supports cosplayers, like they do!!
We even created her movie pieces… merfolk garden-seaweed and a contract + pen. The Fish-Bone pen is actually a sharpie. There is a second page to the contract that we were having friends sign. *insert evil cackle here*
The sea witch was able to walk away with a hand full of voices/souls!

I originally created my human Ursula cosplay as a comfy cosplay to judge in this summer. Everything game together flawlessly. There were a few things that I upgraded in order to make her competition ready.
Swipe to see the 3-panel secondary slip. The A-line skirt needed more body. This addition also gave my legs some much needed warmth!!

Here is a look at Vanessa’s poopsies. Flotsam and Jetsam make the perfect shawl. Just like in the movie; when they tip over the boat and slap tails together. Vanessa’s eel tails wrap around one another too!! They snap together and are detachable/can be separated. Just incase they have some mischief to instigate!

Character: Vanessa (Human Ursula)
Franchise: @disney – @disneylittlemermaid
Genre: Film
Fabric: @joann_stores
Thread: @gutermann_of_america
Machine(s): @berninausa Bernette Chicago 7
Bernette Funlock b44
Event: @youmaconoffical
Location: Ren. Center/Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA