Satyr Takes on GRCC 2019

We have been attending Grand Rapids Comic Con for the last few years – for free. Yes, I know that sounds funny – However; we have taken parting in their cosplay contest for the last few years. Each year we humble come back with a trophy, $$$, and 2 free weekend passes the the following year.

DISCLAIMER: Before you jump down on me about – “buying a booth” or “being apart of the convention” – I have tried for the last 2 years to pay for a booth at GRCC. Unfortunately, Disfusional Studios application has been rejected for the last two years. I can take the hint; you do not want DS to display and sell my art/host panels – no problem. Which is fine; we understand and will continue to attend with friends and partake in the cosplay contest!

“As always, we have received far more applications than actual spaces at the show and our judges have decided to go with other artists for the spaces. I am very sorry. “

Per the first paragraph in my replied Application email.

This year we had more fun that we could have anticipated. We shared a room with Darth Maul. Trevor was happy to have another dude to roam the convention with then I was “busy” or taking a load off my feet at the Astronomicon booth. Talk about a cosplay-saver. There would have been NO way I would have been able to stay on the floor. If you have not heard of Astronomicon before; I highly recommend you check them out. They are a pop culture convention that happens at the beginning of the year in Feb.

Astronomicon Website: They also host a cosplay contest with custom made trophies and $500.00 cash. I truly am looking forward to seeing the what cosplay(s) everyone wears this year. Hope to see you there!!


We arrived in Grand Rapids Thursday night. We wanted to make sure that everything was going to be a piece of cake on Friday. This year we shared a large 2-Queen, seating area, and a GREAT view of the city – with our close friend Dan. Dan is an avid comic/video game nerd like the rest of us. Side note, YES, he is single ladies and YES; he will put your lego set to shame! Incase you were wondering.

Friday: Was my Capcom-Day. After taking better care of myself this past summer; I was thrilled to have another reason to wear Morrigan Aensland again! This time I created a privacy skirt from tulle. This added a little bit of fluff and modesty to the bum of this costume. GRCC tends to have more children running around at ass-level. Trying to keep things family friendly!!

With Trevor and Dan walking around the convention; I enjoyed my time with friends at the Astronomicon booth #227. The Astronomicon organizers brought a wheel and were having convencion-goers spin for prizes and/or free tickets to Astro 3 (Feb 2020)!

Saturday: Typically Saturday of most conventions is my big/heavy day. Reason being; this is the day that most conventions hold their cosplay contests. Meaning that Saturday is the day that I will be on my feet, in full make up, and full attire the longest. Depending on the cosplay – depends on my overall mood at the end of the day.

You may have seen my stomping around the Devos convention center at almost 6 feet tall. A huge thank you to Dan and Trevor; without them I would have not been able to eat, drink, or move around. You guys were amazing- thank you.

If we had not brought a stood to sit on at the Astronomicon booth; I would not have been able to walk around the convention floor for as long as we did. Being able to take the weight off the balls of my feet (I was wearing resin hooves – no heels) was perfect. I even had the energy to attend my friend Rob Miller’s panel in full cosplay. It was funny watching the Satyr take the escalator up to the panel rooms.

Sunday: Is typically our shopping and relaxing day. For this we put back on our ‘Attack of the Ninjas’ outfit . We shopped, hung out with friends, sat at the Astronomicon Booth for a bit. It was a relaxing way to end a busy weekend. That is for sure!

We had a lot of fun this year at Grand Rapids Comic Con 2019. We enjoyed hanging out with new and old friends. Again; we humbly won a trophy, $100.00, and 2x tickets to GRCC 2020. We do not know what we will be making for the cosplay contest yet; however – we look forward to seeing what next year has in store!

We thank you for your continued support. If you are interested in following along with current and future projects – Please, check out any of our social media(s):
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Until next time; I’m Ashlee Kalthoff of Disfusional Studios – don’t forget to ‘creatively unfold your imagination’. Bye!