C2E2 2020 – Woke Us Up!

This marked our second time in attendance at C2E2. Last year was our first time; dipping our toes into the cosplay world outside of MIchigan.
Huge thank you to my mother. For the last two years she has purchased C2E2 weekend passes for Trevor and I for the winter holidays. It is greatly appreciated, but never expected. We plan to continue to attend (schedule permitting) in the years to come. It is nice being able to use a holiday gift, and not let it sit on a shelf and catch dust. Thanks mom!

This year’s three-day/weekend badge art was from the anime Black Clover. I may or may-not have squealed with excitement when we opened the envelope during out gift exchange. (Yes, our badges were purchased early enough – we received them in time for the holidays!)

It did not take long for me to figure out the cosplay I HAD to get done in time for C2E2 this year. The actual goal was to get her done in time to compete; but we do not live in a perfect world. With the convention happening sooner in the year – even with three all-nighters in a row; I was not able to make the application deadline. Good thing there is always 2021.

If you follow along on any of my social media(s), you probably already know that I have been working on Mad Moxxi (Borderlands 3) dress/cosplay. The goal was to get her done by Astronomicon and make necessary adjustments in time for C2E2. Even though I did not get Moxxi finished in time to apply for the Crown Championships of cosplay; It was not going to hold us back from having a good time.

Thanks to some wonderful friends. Our train left Detroit and arrived in Chicago on Thursday. The final line-up had us wearing Mad Moxxi on Friday! This was the first time we stayed with friends/cosplayed in a group setting. Huge thank you to Ginoza Costuming for assisting me with my makeup Friday morning.
Brittani suited up her husband in F4LK and the two of us stomped around C2E2 posing and goofing around. Thank you Josh, for letting me pose like a badass next to you.
I even go to meet HendoArt. She was doing interviews and handing out free $100.00 gift cards. My gift card will definitely be going towards my next cosplay supplies!! A couple of years ago, I won her noodle-cup giveaway on Instagram. Still rocking my noodle-cup hat/shirt.

You can see some of the photo shoots I was apart of on Friday below.

Was the day we brought out an oldie but a goodie. We hauled Scarecrow across state line(s) and took the time to apply full sewn-mouth makeup, for Saturday. I was only able to wear Scarecrow for about 3-4 hours. Because I had lose a bit of weight from the time I originally made this cosplay; it sat weir don my hips and ended up leaving bruises and welts. ops.
I was very pleased with the response that this cosplay of Nightmares received. Friday night we were introduced to a photographer that was down to take some ‘darker’ style photos. Thank you Wes! It was wonderful working with you. I truly cannot wait to see what other creepy collabs we can come up with in the future.

You can see some of the photo shoots I was apart of on Saturday below.

Unlike the line of people we saw checking out of the Hyatt, we did not leave until Monday morning. Sunday we walked the convention floor for hours. This was my first time actually getting to shop! I stood at all the booths that were giving away free things or that you could ‘spin-to-win’. Because, why not!

I cosplayed Retsuko from Netflix TV series Aggretsuko. It is not that recognizable of a anime; meaning there were not too many people asking for photos. This worked in my favor as I believe I consumed 3 soft pretzels this day and continued to fill my ‘Wild Bulls’ mug with Sarsaparilla!!

Insta. Photographer Unknown
Netflix – TV Show

This summary is just a graze-over of what transpired this year at C2E2. Buddy, Brittani, Josh, Jasmine, Jake; you guys made our C2E2 so enjoyable. It was wonderful hanging out, talking shop, eating, goofing around – etc. You all helped me remember why I love doing what I do. Cheers to C2E2 2021!!!

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Until next time; I’m Ashlee Kalthoff of Disfusional Studios – don’t forget to ‘creatively unfold your imagination’. Bye!