B2 – Red Loot Crate Prop

Fun Fact: I originally started this project back in 2017. Pulled it back out this year (2020) and finally finished it!!

Originally I needed another prop to go along with my Mad Moxxi (Borderlands 2/Purple outfit) cosplay. I set my sights on the Red Loot Crate from B2. Besides having Rubi (Moxxi’s gun) I wanted to be ‘extra’. What I did not anticipate was the ‘extra’ amount of time I would need to actually complete the project in time. ops. Whats 3 years of sitting on a shelf; between friends?!

My arsenal of supplies, back in 2017, was a bit limited at the time. If I remember correctly I was too impatient to wait for my order of foam and worbla to come in. Instead I set sights on pink insulation foam and 4/5 layers of paper mache (flour and water mixture). I used 2mm EVA foam and airsoft beebees for most of the details. The back hinge was made using a thick wooden dowel and more eva foam.

After I had finished building the crate and base painting it red – I STOPPED. Again, this was back in 2017.

What was the reason that lead me to finally finishing this project? For Astronomicon 3 I plan on creating Moxxi’s bar. I hope to have a bar backdrop as well as other Borderlands-themes props/items on display. Plus, it was about time I had that shelf space back!

What a beauty! I finished the crate off with a poly urethane clear coat and black felt. I am super proud with how this finally came together. I cannot wait to add it to my prop display in a couple weeks. Hope to see everyone at Astronomicon 3!

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