The Pin Studio Unboxing #1

With the rush to get Mad Moxxi’s upgrades done in time for C2E2; it was unfortunately easy, to hold off opening a highly anticipated package. However, As we were in the Uber on the way to the train station; I received another notification. A second package would be waiting for me in the P.O. Box, when we return from a weekend of cosplay festivities.

I knew what was in these packages prior to opening, but you never truly ‘know’ what they are until you have them in your hand(s). Check out the video above, or view it on my YouTube. I was truly taken away by the quality and size of the contents in these packages.

*** The Pin Studio ***
The Saskatoon Artist Series PATCH:…
Crime Alley Pins DELUXE Sirens:…
*** Miss Monster Mel ***


Stay Tuned for more ‘The Pin Studio’ unboxing videos to come. There will be more pre-ordered items to see at a later date.

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