Studio ‘Pandemic’ Update(s)

So I have been waiting a few weeks not to try and convey my thoughts/feelings into a blog post. 2020 started with a bang. We had an amazing time at Astronomicon; and C2E2 was just the fire we needed to jump start the rest of our season!

Then… Welp, COVID-19 happened.

Like many other artist, seamstress, cosplayers, etc. My schedule has abruptly come to a halt. I was unsure just how long this was going to sweep across the nation, but as the days tick by… it is not looking good.

Currently we are quarinteining in our homes. Meaning we are only allowed to leave for essential items; groceries, pharmacy, bank, etc. Where this could be a problem for many; it has not hit me that hard. I already work from home – PLUS, with Joann Fabrics closed, where do I even need to go. Not trying to make light of the current situation, just trying to find the brighter side of things.

With everything going on, I figured it couldn’t hurt to update you guys on what is happening/no happening in the studio this year thus far.

April was originally going to be a slower month for us. We were originally going to attend two Astronomicon promo events. April 19th, was slated to be an Astro. Pop Swap. We had a relaxing good time at the last one in Dec, and were looking forward to hunting for the mini/blink Hobbit funkos.

The second April event we had scheduled was Twiztid’s 8th Annual 4.20 show. This show happens in Pontiac, MI for the last 7 years. We are currently in the process of putting together a super secret cosplay just for the concert. We will have Astronomicon 4 fliers on hand.
Unlike many of the events getting cancelled, Twiztid postponed their April concert for June.
We are going to try and stay on schedule and get our mystery cosplay done sooner than later. It would be nice to be ahead of schedule for a change.

[UPDATE: 04-17-20]
If would seem that ‘The Highnamic Duo Tour’ has been cancelled.
Word on the street is there will be an ‘Ashtry and Action Figures’ LIVE stream on 4.20 (I am almost certain it will be streamed on FB (Majik Ninja Ent.) – not sure about other platforms)

**We have set out ‘secret/mystery cosplay’ off to the side for the time being.**

July is when one of our all time FAVORITE conventions takes place. Tennocon is a one-day convention for Warframe players.

I was literally pricing out fabric for my Tennocon 2020 cosplay when they made this announcement.
Tennocon this year will be Digital Only! Very bummed; but completely support and understand why conventions are cancelling. There is no need to risk the health and safety of gamers for one day or really cool Tennogen activities.

We have moved out Tennocon cosplay off the table for this year. Meaning that our schedule from April 20th – July 11th is free for a different cosplay build… In the meantime we are going to stay inside, not touch our face, and wash our hands frequently!

I wonder what cosplay we will be making next???

***Please; check the ‘Appearances’ section of our website for an up to date convention schedule. Schedule is subject to change as convention updates continue.***

With COVID-19 being the current enime facing the human race; let’s take a look at ways to protect oneself when they are leaving the safety of their homes for ONLY essential items…

Our friend Gale, at Bernina of Naperville, has put together this awesome Youtube video to assist people in making their own PPE.

MASK PATTERN: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e75813f3006307bb84de507/t/5e860e14c5287034ac0a0eb1/1585843734074/405+Mask+Pattern+4-2.pdf


  • Face Mask Pattern
  • Qty (1) Exterior Fabric (I use 100% Quilting Cotton) – Fabric amount depends upon mask size
  • Qty (1) Lining Fabric – Fabric amount depends upon mask size
  • Interfacing (Optional)
  • Mask Closure
    • Elastic
    • Binding Strips
  • Flexible Nose Wire
    • I used 4″ of 18 gauge wire

We thank you for your continued support. If you are interested in following along with current and future projects – Please, check out any of our social media(s):
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Until next time; I’m Ashlee Kalthoff of Disfusional Studios – don’t forget to ‘creatively unfold your imagination’. Bye!