Mad Moxxi – Makeup

I am excited to present this Mad Moxxi Makeup Video. This video will have voice over, once my new mic arrives. However, I needed to have this video uploaded prior for a cosplay contest. Please enjoy this music/sped up version. *In the next month or two we will re-upload another version of this video with a voice over description for everyone* Thank you, kindly, for understanding.

For those of you who are new to Disfusional Studio’s content; Ashlee has an affinitive for Mad Moxxi. I created our first Mad Moxxi cosplay back in 2017 (started it couple years prior – but, you know how it goes… haha) If you have attended a convention in the Metro Detroit area; we may have even crossed paths. When Borderlands dropped Mad Moxxi’s cosplay guide; I was ready!

We may have even attempted the #passthebrushchallenge cosplay version, over on our tiktok channel!

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