Thank You, TWITCH!

To the small and humble Twitch community we have started to grow over on out channel – THANK YOU!
Your collective response to my Stream-Tober cosplay shenanigans was overwhelming; and I cannot begin to thank you enough!

Here is a review of all the cosplay looks I brought to stream over the month of October!

Oct. 1st – Emote Mode (Pink wig e/ Blk Fox Ears)
Oct. 6th – Lady Death (Coffin Comics)
Oct. 8th – Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)
Oct. 13th – Wasteland Headdress(Original Design)
Oct. 15th – Mermaid (Original Design)
Oct. 18th – Community Stream (Sat. 1pm)
Oct. 20th – Steampunk Satyr (Original Design)
Oct. 22nd – Scarecrow (DC, Batman)
Oct. 27th – Mad Moxxi (Borderlands 3)
Oct. 29th – Deimos: DAUGHTER Cosplay Debut