Where will we be next?

Disfusional Studios is starting to wrap up the 2018 convention season. With only two more conventions on the schedule (currently); we are working hard to get everything in order for Youmacon and GRCC. These conventions are back-to-back the first two weekends in November. Not only will in be Ashlee's birthday, Nov. 1st, but we will be celebrating her 31st at Youmacon. You can follow along with progress and convention fun on instagram or facebook. We look forward to running into old and new friends, as we work to finish our 2018 season strong!!

Artistic Collaborations

I am humbled to have the opportunity to work/collaborate with some pretty talented Artists.
Just as much time and work goes into getting the perfect photograph. The cost of equipment and editing time, all adds up.
Here are just a few galleries I have been apart of.
I am also open to working with other artists (cosplay/photography).

Himiko Toga_Marokiandy Cinematographer

Mad Moxxi
Cinematographer: Andy Maroki

Steampunk Satyr_SMScott Photography

Steampunk Satyr
Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

The Huntress_SMScott Photography

The Huntress
Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

Himiko Toga_Marokiandy Cinematographer

Himiko Toga
Cinematographer: Andy Maroki

Scarecrow_SMScott Photography

Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

Scarecrow_Marokiandy Cinematographery

Cinematographer: Andy Maroki

Scarecrow_Marokiandy Cinematographer

Cinematographer: Andy Maroki

Talon_SMScott Photography

Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

Mad Moxxi_SMScott Photography

Mad Moxxi
Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

Mad Moxxi_Justin Causey Photogrpahy

Mad Moxxi
Photographer: Justin Causey

Mad Moxxi_SMScott Photography

Mad Moxxi
Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

Talon_SMScott Photography

Talon Ver.1
Photographer: Shawn M. Scott

Steampunk Satyr_C.Islander Images

Steampunk Satyr
Photographer: C.Islander Images

Phoenix Mage_Tom Selling Photography

Phoenix Mage
Photographer: Tom Selling

coming soon

coming soon


Is There Something I can Assist You With?

Disfusional Studios has been hired by various organizations, over the years.
Are you seeking the assistance of a professional artist? We are skilled in a variety of different mediums.
Feel free to send us a message.


"Creatively, Unfold Your Imagination." - A.Kalthoff

Hailing from Southeast Michigan, Disfusional Studios’ lead designer and fabricator, Ashlee Kalthoff, has been creating and showing her artwork since 2005. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design, Ashlee has applied her traditional artistic background to costume and prop design. At the 2012 Michigan Renaissance Festival her World of Warcraft based headpiece and cosplay garnered high praise from contest judges and was an obvious crowd favorite.

Since 2016, under the direction of Kalthoff, Disfusional Studios has won many cosplay ‘Best in Show’, and craftsmanship titles around the Great Lakes region. Her attention to detail and advanced sewing and fabrication techniques have allowed her creations to stand in the spotlight again and again. To further her commitment to the craft and culture she shares build guides, fabrication techniques, tutorials, and general advice and information to whomever asks. As a former educator, Kalthoff imparts wisdom on anyone who shows interest in her creations.

Photo of Me
Photographer: S.M. Scott Photography

Convention Appearances:
Are you looking for cosplayers to make special appearances/guests at your convention or event? I can judge your costume contests, hold panels, Q&As, workshops, and much more!

Costume or Prop Fabrication:
Do you find yourself needing a well crafted costume or prop for your next costume, video game, movie or ad? I can even build your sets and display pieces!

Event Promotion in Costume:
I can also attend conventions/events/trade shows dressed as character from YOUR game or movie.




  • Youmacon [Nov ???] - (???TBA???) PENDING
  • Grand Rapids Comic Con [Nov ???] - (???TBA???) PENDING
  • Colossalcon East [Sep 13-15] - (???TBA???) PENDING
  • Michigan Comic Con [Aug 16-18] - (???TBA???) PENDING
  • Denver Pop Culture Con [May 31-June 2] - (???TBA???) PENDING
  • C2E2 [March 22-24] - (Goal = Maghda, D3) PENDING
  • Astronomicon [Feb 8-10] - (???TBA???) PENDING
  • 2018

  • Grand Rapids Comic Con [Nov 9-11] - (Mad Moxxi??, Scarecrow??, Fan Girl mode!) Reg. Attendee
  • Youmacon [Nov 1-4] - (ICL - Competition Cosplay) Reg. Attendee


  • How-To-Halloween [Oct 13] - (Talon) Reg. Attendee
  • Michigan Comic Con [Aug 17-19] - (Scarecrow ver.1, mad Moxxi) Judging Cosplay Contest / 1-day pre-judging
  • Get Geek'd Entertainment Expo [July 28-29] - (Mad Moxxi, Himiko Toga) Cosplay Guest: Cosplay Judge + Booth
  • JAFAX [June 29-July 1] - (Violet Evergarden, Himiko Toga, 'Shadow' Sae Niijima) Judging Cosplay Contest / 3-days prejudging
  • Colossalcon [June 2] - (Street Clothes)Reg. Attendee
  • Cherry Capital Comic Con [May 26] - (Scarecrow ver.1 + basic wear-mods) Reg. Attendee
  • Motor City Comic Con [May 18-20] - (Scarecrow ver.1) Reg. Attendee
  • ShutoCon [March 23-25] - (Himiko Toga, Kero Kigu) Judging Cosplay Contest / 2-days prejudging
  • Great Lakes Comic Con [Feb 23-24] - (Full-Talon, DC Batman The New 52 Comics)Reg. Attendee
  • Action Con!, Windsor [Feb 18] - (Appa _ Acatar, The Last Airbender) Reg. Attendee
  • Astronomicon [Feb 9-11] - (Mad Moxxi + Professional Face/Body Paint) Reg. Attendee
  • 2017

  • Youmacon [Nov. 3-5] - (Mad Moxxi + Props, Litten, Cerberus) Competing in Hall Cosplay Contest(Friday)
  • Grand Rapids Comic Con [October 25-27] - ([Version #2 + Court] Talon, Batman/ The New 52 comics) Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • MeggaXP 3 [September 24] - (Mad Moxxi) Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • Michigan Renaissance Festival [High Sea Adventures September 2] - (Wasteland Headdress) Regular Festival Attendee
  • Michigan Renaissance Festival [Royal Pet and Ale Fest August 19] - (Wasteland Headdress) Regular Festival Attendee
  • Windsor ComiCon [August 12] - ([MODIFIED] Talon, Batman/ The New 52 comics) Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • JAFAX [June 16-18] - (Kiki, Fremy Speeddraw, Yukata Appa) Judging Cosplay Contest / 3-day prejudging
  • Downriver Comic Convention [June 3-4] - (Steampunk Satyr "w/ worbla belt") Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • Motor City Comic Con [May 20th] - (Talon, Batman/ The New 52 comics) Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • ShutoCon [March 19] - (Yukata Appa) Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • 2016

  • Youmacon [November 3-6] - (Attack of Titan) Regular Attendee
  • American Sewing Expo [Sep. 25th] - (Steampunk Satyr "fabric") Competing in Cosplay Contest
  • Michigan Renaissance Festival [Sweet Endings Oct. 1-2] - (Forest Fairy) Regular Festival Attendee
  • Michigan Renaissance Festival [Wonders of the World Sep. 10-11] - (Steampunk Satyr "worbla") Regular Festival Attendee
  • Motor City Comic Con [May 13-15] - (Attack of Titan) Regular Attendee

  • Awards


  • Great Lakes Comic Con - Cosplay Contest, Warren, MI
    2018, Februrary 24th - Awarded 2nd place - "Talon" (ver.3 mixed media)

  • Action! 2018 - Cosplay Competition, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    2018, Februrary 17th - Intermediate 1st place (adv.) - "Yukata Appa" (mixed media)

  • 2017

  • Youmacon - Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest, Detroit, MI
    2017, November 3rd - Best of Friday (Hallway) - "Mad Moxxi" (mixed media + props)

  • Grand Rapids Comic Con - Cosplay Competition, Grapnd Rapids, MI
    2017, October 21st - Best in Show Awarded - "Talon" (ver.2 mixed media)

  • MeggaXP 3 - (Adult) Cosplay Contest, Jackson, MI
    2017, September 24th - Judges Award Awarded - "Mad Moxxi" (mixed media)

  • Windsor Comicon - Advanced Cosplay Competition, Windsor, Ontario
    2017, August 12th - 1st Place 2017 Cosplay Advanced Awarded - "Talon" (mixed media)

  • Downriver Comic Con - 1701 Champaign Rd, Lincoln Park, MI 48146
    June 3rd, 2017 - Awarded 1st Place "Steampunnk Satyr" - Original Character (Worbla/Mixed Media)

  • Motor City Comic Con - 46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48374
    May 20th, 2017 - Awarded 1st Place "Talon" - Batman and The Court of Owls (Fabric/Mixed Media)

  • ShutoCon - 333 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48933
    March 19th, 2017 - Awarded 1st Place "Appa" - Avatar, The Last Airbender (Fabric/Mixed Media)

  • 2016

  • Spiral Night Club - 1247 Center St, Lansing, MI 48906
    October 29th, 2016 - Awarded 2nd Place "Steampunk Satyr" (Mixed Media)

  • American Sewing Expo - Suburban Collection Showcase, 46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48374
    September 25th, 2016 - Awarded 1st Place/Crowd Favorite "Steampunk Satyr" (Mixed Media)

  • Michigan Renaissance Festival
    12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI 48442
    September 10-11th, 2016 - Awarded 1st Place "Steampunk Satyr" (Mixed Media)
    September 10-11th, 2016 - Awarded "Judges Pick" "Steampunk Satyr" (Mixed Media)

  • Michigan Renaissance Festival
    12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI 48442
    September 10-11th, 2016 - Awarded 1st Place "Steampunk Satyr" (Mixed Media)


  • Michigan Renaissance Festival
    12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI 48442
    September 2014 - Awarded 1st Place "Phoenix Mask" (Leather Tooling)

  • Michigan Renaissance Festival
    12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI 48442
    September 2013 - Awarded 3rd Place "Medusa Mask" (Leather Tooling)

  • Michigan Small Colleges' - Art Exhibition
    Flatlanders Art Galleries, Blissfield, MI
    January 25th – April 17th, 2009 - Honorary Mentions "Zebee" (Wood, glass, mix media)

  • Michigan Small Colleges' - Art Exhibition
    Ganton Art Gallery, Spring Arbor Univ, MI
    February 10th – March 15th, 2008 - Awarded 2nd place "Xar" (Welded Steel)


    Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?

    We are always open/looking for artistic collaboorations!

    Photographer: C.Islander Images
    Michigan, USA
    Email: disfusionalstudios@mail.com

    (All donations/support goes right back into making more costumes/content!)

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